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welcome to echo's ever growing list of people and places I love to visit.

I am disorganized, I'm not a real "blogger", and I find blogrolling and other such services useless. Being a scatterbrain makes it tough to keep an up-to-date list of links.

I like to use PHP scripts to handle my business. I prefer scripts that have been written by people I consider to be my peers. Except they have much better skills. Hence the use of Amanda's PHPLinksList*. Formerly of, I'm now unable to locate where Amanda currently is. :(

This list is called "love, echoing" as a way to show thanks and appreciation to those who appear on it. Think you belong here? C'mon, don't be scared, it's my fault I missed you! Did you click a link only to find the destination no longer exists? Please do let me know.
Do you like being linked to, in general? If yes is your answer, visit my web directory: HYPE!!
Add your link there (leave a note about "love, echoing" in the comment box if you like) and I'll be on my merry way to exploring your site... even if I've been there before.


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